Retouch Pilot

Retouch Pilot 3.1

Remove scratches, dust and other imperfections from your old photos


  • Extremely simple
  • Powerful for obvious flaws
  • Demonstrations


  • Very limited
  • Lacks options

Not bad

This very basic image editing tool can be used to remove any scratches on your old photographs but that is just about all you can do. In this sense, it is a very specialized program and as a result won’t appeal to many users.

Retouch Pilot’s major advantage is its simplicity. While a lot of people will be frustrated by the lack of functionality, those who are wary of complicated procedures and difficult to use tools will appreciate the minimal approach. Simply open the file you want to clean up, select the scratch tool, (there is only one other tool, the “Undo Brush”) and carefully trace over or click the parts of the image that need to be fixed.

In terms of effectiveness, the program can do an excellent job on obvious flaws when they contrast highly with the surrounding colors, especially when working on monotone photographs. However, for highly detailed images or not so obvious discrepancies, the program stumbles and the desired result is not so straightforward to achieve.

The interface is uncomplicated and there is an extensive undo history although this may be somewhat unnecessary with the availability of the Undo Brush. For someone who has a collection of old, slightly damaged photographs that they would like to scan and clean up a little bit, this is a convenient solution. However, for anyone who is serious about getting great results and having complete control, they should check out Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

Retouch Pilot is photo retouch software specially designed for imperfections removal from a photo. The program removes small technical imperfections present on an image or those that have appeared while scanning a photo such as scratches, spots from dust particles and hair.

With this program you'll be able to restore scanned old photos. Retouch Pilot allows you to remove any defects arising from long-term storage of a still picture: fixer stains, scratches and worn spots.

Retouch Pilot


Retouch Pilot 3.1

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